Duck hunting package

The best months to hunt are May to August


  • Reception at the airport
  • 4 nights
  • 3 days full duck hunting, all included (accommodation, transport, meals)
  • Translator
  • 4×4 (all terrain) transportation.
  • Beverages: wine, sodas, beer and water.
  • Beverages during the hunting
  • Not included – Phone calls – Tips – Licence ($150)



ALL FOR $ 2.200 each

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1. Rosy-billed pochard
2. White-faced whistling duck
3. Speckeld teal
4. Silver teal
5. Southern wigeon
6. Brazilian duck
7. Red Shoveler
8. White-cheeked pintail
9. Brown pintail
10. Fulvous tree duck
11. Cinnamon teal

The environment of the duck hunting makes it one of the most exciting hunting of its kind. It is well-known that Argentina is one of the most exquisite places for small game, particularly, for water-bird hunting, such as ducks.

You will wait for the ducks in blinds made of natural vegetation from the area, in or outside the water, which gives the hunting a natural frame that is beyond comparison. We attract ducks with decoys and whistles.

Besides, a week before the hunting starts, the lakes are baited with sorghum and corn, since, in Argentina, it is allowed to attract ducks with food. In this way, we achieve a successful season (from April to August). Normally, the duck hunting is in the morning while partridge hunting is performed in the afternoon. The daily permitted limit is 30 ducks a day per hunter and 8 partridges a day per hunter.