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  • Argentina dove hunting BEST PRICE ! $ 1090 each From September 1st to March 1st ALL FOR $ 1390 each From March 1st to August 31st book! At 817-797-9020 or...Read More
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  • BEST PRICE ! $ 1090 each From September 1st to March 1st ALL FOR $ 1390 each From March 1st to August 31st book! At 817-797-9020 or...Read More
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  • BEST PRICE ! $ 1090 each From September 1st to March 1st ALL FOR $ 1390 each From March 1st to August 31st book! At 817-797-9020 or...Read More

Why shooting with JJ Caceria

• 20,000 farming acres in the east of Cordoba, creating the ideal conditions for Argentina dove hunting and the highest non-migratory dove concentration all over the world.
• February to April, NO DRIVES to the field, dove shooting from the lodge! Rest of the year, only 30 minute drives..

Over 200 shooting spots strategically located and daily scouted right in the heart of Cordoba’s finest dove shooting area.
• High volume, 1,000 to 2,000 rounds a day guaranteed, unlimited and challenging Argentina dove hunting all year long.
• Plenty of opportunities for either first-time or experienced shooters who want to practice high and low, cross shooting, and different kinds of shooting, a unique dove hunt that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

• Reliable, daily cleaned, fine brand new guns.
• Brand new four-wheel all terrain trucks and vans.
• Bird-boys, drinks and permanent assistance in shooting fields.
• 1,000 Dove Club Trophy.
• Bilingual staff, wonderful hospitality in a familiar environment, certified professional hunting guides who strive to offer the finest Argentina dove hunting you’ll never forget.
• High quality DVD filming and pictures available to preserve your Argentina dove hunting experience forever!
• Excellent accommodations and service combined to create the right atmosphere for our guests to feel at home.
• 11 comfortable double rooms with private bathroom, heating and air-conditioning, open bar, wine cellar and beautiful swimming pool.
• Fantastic Argentinean beef cooked in typical outdoor barbecue lunch in shooting fields.
• First class cuisine and delicious, home-made gourmet meals along with traditional Argentinean dishes prepared by dedicated chefs and served with pride accompanied with a fine wine selection, including the world famous Malbec wine.
• Assistance with your dove hunting travel plans.

• Best deals hard to beat! March to August: US$465 per day. September to February: US$365 per day
• Make your decision for your hunting dream trip and we’ll make it happen! Come and join us in this wonderful ultimate dove hunting and shooting adventure in Argentina !
• May to August, world class duck hunting over decoys and the finest partridge hunting with dogs.

• Bonus: Pigeon shooting available upon request.
• Our 15 years’ experience, 100% customer satisfaction, Argentina dove hunting top-notch operation, thousands of happy customers from all over the world and safe and enjoyable environment make JJ Caceria your right choice of an dove hunting trip marked on your calendar every year!

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Extreme Dove Shooting in Cordoba, Argentina

For the last twenty years, Cordoba has become the most widely visited destination all over the world for an Argentina dove hunting. Most hunters come from the U.S.A. and, to a lesser extent, from Europe, to enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside and the hospitality and simplicity of the local people. Many airlines fly regularly to Cordoba Airport on a daily basis, just about only one hour away from the shooting fields.

Argentina dove hunting has favored the development of regional economy in Cordoba province, generating -whether directly or indirectly- an important source of labor for more than 3,100 local families.

Doves are considered a plague by the Office of Agriculture of the Province, and a nuisance for farmers, so dove hunting has become a necessity that helps local producers control the dove population which accounts for an incredibly high number. This number keeps constant as there are a variety of factors, such as plenty of grain, enough rainfall, and mild weather that favor dove reproduction, as well as roosting areas around which doves nest and concentrate. Besides, they cannot be poisoned without affecting crops and even other birds and animals coexisting in the same area, so dove shooting is an activity that is quite beneficial for everybody involved, shooters who have a blast, farmers who don’t want their harvest reduced and outfitters and local people who work in the hunting business.

Every year, Cordoba welcomes about 10,000 dove hunters coming from all continents, but especially from the United States, looking for an Argentina dove hunting experience which cannot be duplicated anywhere else, but only in Cordoba, Argentina.

Why Arroyito Got To Have The Largest Population of Doves in The World

Argentina dove hunting in Arroyito, Cordoba


By Jose Luis Grasso.

Before referring to Dove hunting in Argentina, I’d like to explain why millions of eared doves live on a permanent basis in the province of Cordoba.

About 25 years ago, 80% of Cordoba land was covered with woodlands full of native trees from the area such as quebracho, carob, tala, piquillin and chañar trees, to name a few. This was an area where agriculture was not the main countryside industry. The main business in those years was cattle raising, developed in two ways: cattle raising in the north and dairy farming in the east, Arroyito area. At that time, farmers grew corn or sorghum in reduced spaces, simply to feed the cattle. Over the years, agricultural activities were encouraged in the area, due mainly to the richness of the soil, good rainfall and a temperate climate. As a result, these large woodland extensions were cleared and once the land was cleared and small grains were planted the dove population exploded, as it still does. At that moment, farmers and landowners did not realize they were creating the perfect habitat for Argentina dove hunting and, more specifically, eared doves to reproduce massively. In a short time, doves also became a serious problem for farmers. The huge grey clouds of doves covered the fields in such a way that they created great damage to the crops and were considered a nuisance. They were fought against in several ways, with no great results. Instead, year after year, they increased their volume in inestimable proportions. In addition, the clearance continued and formed two big areas which eared doves chose for their breeding: one area in the north of Cordoba province, covering a straight line between Jesus Maria and Rio Seco (the former is a city and the latter is a department of the province), and the other in the east of the province, in the city of Arroyito. The high dove population became such a problem to the harvesters that hunting them then became a necessity.

Argentina dove hunting


Arroyito, in the east of Cordoba province, is a beautiful city blessed with two remarkable industries. On the one hand, there is the most important factory of Argentina, second most important in the candy industry, and on the other, the doves that flap their wings over Arroyito in perfect harmony with clouds. This reduced roosting woodland of about 900 acres holds more than 20,000,000 doves. It is also worth mentioning that our eared doves are a non-migratory species, they rather migrate from field to field within the same area looking for food or water. There are also smaller roosting areas nearby which are used by eared doves in certain periods of the year, depending on the harvest. But, when it comes to breeding, the two areas previously mentioned are the ones they choose for their nests. Doves hatch five times a year, from September to March. I have never been fond of Maths but, 10 million couples of doves having five hatches a year, bearing in mind that the ones born in September are able to reproduce themselves by January, equals an awesome number. A significant fact is that although hunters shoot about 2 million doves a year, this number is not representative in this area and doesn’t even make a dent on the dove population. There is little doubt too that the grain fields surrounding Cordoba hold more doves than anywhere else in the world.

A very important dove-related aspect for countrymen is that doves used to represent economic trouble because they meant a decrease in the harvest, but today Argentina dove hunting has become a profitable business. This is due to the great number of foreigners who visit Cordoba, Argentina, for dove hunting. Landowners lease their fields for dove shooting and this results in a new source of income.

As regards hunting as such, eared doves are non-migratory birds, they are custom birds. Every morning, they look for food around the very same flyways. They stay in the area where they find food and in the first hours of the afternoon they head back to the roost, but they invariably need to drink water before getting into the roost. Because we know dove behavior, we organizeArgentina dove hunting in many different ways to satisfy all dove hunters, their different needs and shooting styles.

In the morning, we hunt in dove feeding spots, shots may vary from about 15 to 20 meters/yards since we make the blinds in the different fields. At sunrise, as soon as the sun comes out, shots are really exciting and filled with adrenalin, cross shooting. Cross shooting is from 25 to 30 meters/yards and it is specially preferred by sporting clay shots. It demands a lot of concentration as the doves leave the roost in a zigzag flight. In the afternoon, we propose two ways of shooting: near the water spots or by the roosts before they go back to their nests. Even though this shooting is similar to the one in the morning, dove flight is more uniform in the afternoon and this gives a better shooting average.

The “estancia” (typical Argentine ranch) is a beautiful farmhouse of eleven double bedrooms with in-suite bathrooms, heating and air conditioning at only one hour from Cordoba airport and only 15 minutes from Arroyito city. My brother, my wife and I are in charge of making lots of hunting friends who visit us mostly from the US but also from the most remote places all over the world. Hunting and my love for the outdoors is in my blood. My grandfather, Pino, was the one who transmitted me this hunting passion and his joy and spark to my brother, which are his main characteristics. He spends the whole day in the field scouting for new fields for more exciting hunts. Finally, the other person who I owe the whole business to, is my wife. Both started the company from scratch and she made her dream come true: a big restaurant with typical Argentinian food. Today, she has the satisfaction of running the whole lodge operation putting her own unique touch in every single detail.


Increasing dove population in the East of Cordoba Province

Argentina dove hunting

By José Luis Grasso

The east of Cordoba has a privileged geographical location for doves, since it’s the area with the most agricultural activity in the province, good rainfall and weather conditions that favor dove reproduction at high numbers. At the same time, we count with areas of native trees, of about 200 and 1,000 acres, that create roosts with amazingly high dove concentrations. Among the three largest roosts in the area, we find a population of about 40 million doves. One roost is at about 7 miles north of Arroyito, and the other two are in Santa Rosa de Rio Primero, 5 miles towards the east.

Doves reproduce five times a year, first time in August. They lay two eggs each hatch and the birds born in September are ready to reproduce again by November, which generates a constantly increasing reproduction rate.

JJCaceria has exclusive rights to shoot in one of the roosts in Santa Rosa de Rio Primero, and half of the roost in Arroyito, together they have a population of around 30 million doves. Our customers shoot about one and a half million shells a year and on average, hunters hit 60 % of doves they shoot at. These numbers reflect that there are about 850,000 doves hit per year, but if we consider the 30 million dove population living in our two largest private roosts, we find that the reproduction rate is much higher than the number of doves hunted per year. This is why dove population increases every year and absolutely every one of our returning hunters says that every time they come, they see more doves than the previous year. They can easily shoot a case of 500 shells in only an hour and at least 40 % of all hunters are members of the 1,000 Dove Club, for hunters who shoot over 1,000 doves in a day.

Another very important point, is that in the east of Cordoba province, doves don’t migrate. They’ve got plenty of food from crops such as corn, sorghum, wheat or millet around the roosts. But, in the north of the province, from April to August, doves which roost in the mountains far away from the feeding spots, migrate to fields where they can find the crops they feed on. That’s the main reason why JJCaceria has its basis in the east of Cordoba province for its Argentina dove hunting operation.

We guarantee 100 % success any time of the year and as we own exclusive rights over the roosts where we shoot, we offer plenty of shooting opportunities for everyone, from the novice hunter to the most experienced one, with shots 15 or 20 yards away inside the roosts to high dove shooting 40 yards away.

As an experienced avid hunter myself, I’ve hunted in many different destinations all over the world and I’ve been to several hunting lodges. I know perfectly well what a top-notch operation should offer, what hunters look for when it comes to the best hunting combined with first-class service and hospitality and this is exactly what I always aim at. More than 8,000 customers speak highly of us through over our 15 years experience.

JJCaceria has always strived for higher standards to make your Argentina Dove Hunting your right choice for the most memorable shooting trip of a lifetime!

Typical Argentina Dove Hunting Day

A tipical Argentina dove hunting day


A typical Argentina dove hunting day starts around 6:30 when Roxanne knocks at your room door to wake you up and announce breakfast is ready. Breakfast, prepared to the great American style, is waiting for you at the dining room, and it consists of eggs, bacon, sausage, omelet, several kinds of cereal, fresh fruit, sweet bread, croissants, squeezed orange juice, coffee, tea and milk. If it is your first breakfast at La Camila dove hunting lodge, everybody is excited and looking forward to the most awesome Argentina dove hunting.

A typical day of Argentina dove hunting

By 7:15

Everyone is ready to go to the shooting fields in our modern vans and trucks and in approximately 25 minutes you get there! From August to April dove hunting is near the roosts and from May to July it is in the feeding spots in the fields where doves go eating. You are assigned a birdboy who will be assisting you all times, bring cold drinks to your blind, celebrate your great shooting, load your gun if you wish, count your shells and hit birds and pick them up once your dove shooting is finished. Those who’ve been shooting with us before usually request to have the same birdboy every time. Roberto and Marcelo, our professionally certified hunting guides, are taking care of every single detail regarding your Argentina dove hunting to make it an unforgettable experience for you. They also keep track of shells you shoot as well as of hit doves. You can take this shell and dove count sheet home at the end of your trip to show off a little and have proof of the greatest dove shooting ever!

By 11:30

After an exciting dove shoot in the morning, you’ll probably be looking forward to the world-famous Argentinian beef barbecue. We all go to a nice rustic gazebo and grill that we’ve especially built near the shooting fields around the largest roost. Juan Carlos, our barbecue cook, will have everything ready for you to enjoy our favorite meal ever, Argentinian beef barbacue with sausage, ribs, brisket or flank, fresh salads and the best Malbec wine. After dessert and nice chat over hunting, hammocks are waiting for you to relax only for about one hour, since another incredible afternoon dove shooting is on its way. After about a three-hour shooting, we are all ready to go back to La Camila Argentina dove hunting lodge. Some people go straight to the shower, some others relax around the beautiful gardens and swimming pool or get a comforting massage. Roxanne, with her characteristic sweet smile invites you to have some drinks and snacks over the bar. Sausage, cheese, dove breasts in bacon, accompanied with excellent white wine or always cold Quilmes beer are just some of the appetizers and drinks you will find. Flaco, our “jack of all trades” maintenance man, takes guns apart, cleans them up, lubricates them and leaves them ready to get into action for another awesome Argentina dove hunting on the following day. Another important staff member is Inés, our lodge manager and interpreter. She is ready to help and advise you at all times in every need you may have during your whole stay at La Camila Lodge.

By 8:00 p.m.,

Carina, our chef, will serve a homemade gourmet dinner, selecting fresh and natural ingredients. You’ll also taste the most delicious desserts, proudly made and presented, such as pears in red wine, caramel flambe banana pancakes, icecream cup with fruit salad, etc.. After dessert, it’s “Trophy time”, for the ones who’ve hit over 1,000 doves in a day! I give them their trophies, we take pictures over the fireplace, claps and congratulations in between, and then pictures are posted in our website 1,000 Dove Club section. Later on, after such an exciting day, you will maybe take a walk, watch the stars or smoke a cigar outside, and everybody is ready to go to bed and “sleep like babies” since you have to gather more energy for another incredible Argentina dove hunting day!


Dove hunting tips by JJ

Argentina dove hunting tips


Hi, my name is JJ and I’d like to give you some pieces of advice for you to have an unmatchable Argentina dove hunting hard to forget, that will last in your memory for the rest of your life.

Once you’ve decided on your Argentina dove hunting trip, you’ll have millions of doves to shoot with granted success, but taking into account my advice you’ll enhance greatly your dove hunting adventure.
After 15 years’ experience as a dove hunting outfitter and having hosted over 8,000 hunters, I’m able to conclude that the Argentina dove hunting is something that needs to be lived in order to experience yourself the unbelievable volume of doves we have in Argentina, where we usually shoot a box of 25 shells every three minutes.


Practice makes perfect so before coming for an incredible Argentina dove hunting, it would be a good idea to do some shooting at home. Of course you won’t feel the same emotion of the high dove numbers we’ve got in Argentina, but this practice will be very useful to improve your shooting ability. Another good option is to do some clay shooting with spots very similar to the ones for dove hunting in Argentina.

Guns and shells

It’s very important to choose the shotgun caliber. In my opinion, the best is a 20 gauge shotgun loaded with 7/8 oz or also a 28 gauge with 3/4 oz. A 410 gauge shotgun is a good caliber too, but in Argentina we only have 410 shells of 2 inches loaded with 2/4 oz., and I consider them a little weak, so for that reason I won’t recommend it. There are still a few hunters though, who come Argentina dove hunting for their first time and bring their 12 gauge shotguns, but in my experience let me tell you that after half a day of dove hunting in Argentina, they end up with a sore shoulder, and they decide to go on with a 20 gauge shotgun instead. I don’t blame them!

As regards the kind of shotgun system, there are over and under, side by side, pump action and semiautomatic. The best option is semi auto shotguns, since they offer less recoil effect, and they can hold four shells to shoot. This is an advantage especially considering the doves’ dynamic and erratic flight which sometimes makes us fail shots we give for granted (in Argentina there’s no limit as to the number of shells in the magazine).
For pellets, we use number 7, 71/2, and 8 and the ones that dove hunters favor is number 8 when there’s no wind and number 7 on windy days, although most of them choose 71/2.
As regards chokes, the most appropriate for Argentina dove hunting is undoubtedly number 3 or modified. I’ve seen lots of doves easily falling down between 30 and 45 yards using this kind of chokes.


When you want to go dove hunting near home, you need to scout yourself or to send someone to do it for you beforehand. But when you come Argentina dove hunting, we’ve got every single detail taken care of for you. You just need to come and enjoy this ultimate dove shooting experience in Argentina. Remember we work harder and harder to satisfy all your and our hundreds of dove hunters’ needs every year always striving to offer you all the best Argentina dove hunting you’ve ever thought about!

Argentina dove hunting Fields and Seasons

Once in the field and having chosen your gun and with your shells in hand, you’re ready for an incredible Argentina dove hunting. As a hunter myself, I’ve been shooting doves all over Argentina, but I can tell you in all honesty that there’s no other area as the east of the province of Cordoba that can offer such high standards for dove shooting. Cordoba is the second most important province in Argentina, the one with the most developed agricultural activity, and as a result, it offers the most grain for doves to eat, with the largest dove reproduction rate in the world. Just imagine this number: in Arroyito, where we have one of the largest dove roosts of about 1,200 acres, there live 20 million doves which hatch five times a year, laying two eggs each hatch. Amazingly, the little doves that are born after the first hatch in September are ready to reproduce again by late November. This makes an incalculable number of doves flying all over your head!

I would also like to add that the east of Cordoba, where we are located, is a flat area, 90% of it very well exploited for agriculture and, having all the grain doves need, they stay in the permanent big roosts all year round. Our high volume non-stop shooting is not affected by the crops and our doves are non-migratory birds in the east of Cordoba, the area where we do all our dove hunts. We usually shoot around the roosts, or in the dove feeding spots nearby and we can always guarantee you high dove population in all the fields where we shoot. In the eastern areas where we are located then, doves don’t migrate as it happens in the northern areas of the province. In the north of Cordoba the roosts are in the mountains, without close agricultural activity. From May to August, our coldest season, doves in the north migrate to flatter areas in search for food, setting up temporary roosts. Birds are sometimes harder to find and this may imply longer distances from the northern lodges to the hunting fields. That’s the main reason why JJ Caceria’s whole Argentina dove hunting operation is located in the east of Cordoba, in order to provide continuous, unlimited dove volume shooting all year round near the lodge!

As to decoys, I won’t say much about it, since in Argentina we don’t use them for dove hunting.

We organize hunts considering a number of factors. From August to April, when doves are reproducing, you shoot by the roosts. We’ve got about 200 blinds, 5 feet high x 10 feet wide, strategically located around the roosts and it’s very comfortable for hunters to shoot behind them. They are big enough for one or two hunters and their bird boys. Safety is of prime importance to us, that’s why blinds are placed on a straight line running side by side with the roosts. Wind is another important factor that can make a difference to offer more challenging hunts, according to hunters’ preferences and experience. For example, if hunters like to shoot low doves with a straight flyway, we place them behind blinds with doves flying against the wind. But, for hunters who prefer harder shots or for those more experienced, we place them behind blinds with doves flying with the wind or with the wind blowing to them on one of their sides, which makes their flight faster, higher and more unpredictable, in a zigzag pattern. Another hunters’ favorite shooting spot is near places where doves go drink water. We have even made a pond near the roost and millions of doves go there every evening before going back to the roost. This is a shot in all directions going no farther than 20 yards away.

From May to July, though, our coldest months, our morning shooting plan changes. During our winter, 100% of the doves leave the roost early in the first 45 minutes of the morning heading towards sorghum, corn and soy fields to feed themselves. We wait for them right there making blinds out of branches and bushes in the area. Doves fly about 10 and 15 miles a day looking for food and to see them coming to their feeding spots is just out of this world, it’s like smoke clouds getting closer and closer! In the evening, dove hunts are very similar all year round, and countless doves go back to their roosts. You can choose to shoot either in the roosts or in the ponds where they drink water.

I would also like to mention that February is many dove hunters’ favorite time of the year because it’s the sunflower’s season.


Although many hunters prefer to shoot sitting on a stool, I believe it’s better to shoot standing up because we can rotate our bodies freely and this gives us a wider swing. To shoot effectively you should do the following: when you see a flock coming, lift your shotgun and choose the dove you want to shoot. It’s always better to pick the first in the group because that will allow you a second shot in case you miss or to shoot another one if you hit the first one. Once you chose your bird, rest your shotgun on your shoulder and keep the swing with the same speed as your dove flight and without stopping, pull the trigger softly, don’t pull it backwards. If you see that after your shooting, the dove doesn’t change its flyway, it’s very likely that your shot was a little bit behind the bird, so you should shoot a little bit more to the front next time. If you see then, that after your shot, the dove moves slightly up or down or stops its flight for a second, it’s probably because your shooting was a little bit in front of it. It’s essential, then, to observe and watch carefully the dove movement when shooting so as to correct the next shot. Another important tip is to swing continuously at the moment of pulling the trigger because, even if your bird is in front of your barrel, if you stop the swing, your shot will always end up behind the bird. This is a very common mistake in beginning hunters.


It’s not necessary to wear camo for Argentina dove hunting. You should rather bring comfortable tanned or caki clothes. Ear plugs, shooting glasses, shoulder pads, gloves, a hat and a shell bag are essential items you will always need. Mosquitoes are not a problem but if you come during our warmer seasons, some repelent and sun block will also be useful.


Your birdboy will be helping you all the time during your Argentina dove hunting. Although the dove volume is very high, he will point exactly at which doves to shoot, pick up your doves and shells, bring drinks and shells to you, count your hit birds, etc.. Many dove hunters who come to Argentina become members of the 1,000 Dove Club, for people who shoot and hit over 1,000 doves in a day! On average, hunters hit 65% of the doves they shoot, so in order to get their trophy and become proud members of the 1,000 Dove Club, they shoot about 1,500 rounds in a day!

Argentinian Beef Barbecue in the Field

After a great morning and a lot of action, it’s very relaxing to have a typical Argentinian beef barbecue in the field, for you to experience our most typical lunch sharing hunting stories, talking about the incredible dove shooting you are having or simply enjoying the outdoors among friends. Many of you will find a good nap on the hammocks very refreshing to gather more energy for another exciting dove hunt in the afternoon. Over the years, I’ve seen thousands of hunters having the time of their lives, from the ones who shoot to break records to those who just take it easy, drop their guns from time to time and just enjoy the whole Argentina dove hunting adventure, something that needs to be experienced rather than explained…

Hunting Friend

My advice as a hunter is that if you really like shooting as much as I do, you should treat yourself and come for the most awesome dove hunting in Argentina. There’s no other bird species in the world that can have this much concentration in the same area as eared doves do in Cordoba. The feeling you get when you see them flying all together and shoot them almost non-stop is something hard to forget that cannot be compared to any other wingshooting. Many have described the dove concentration as mosquito clouds on a marsh. It is an addictive shooting experience, and once you try it, you need to do it again.
Make it happen and choose Argentina dove hunting for your next shooting destination!


Dove hunting testimonies

“I just wanted to thank you again for all the help in setting up the shoot. We all had a wonderful time. It could not have been better. Your house and field staff could not have treated us any better, they made all of us feel special, and you Ines is a gem. Thanks, JJ, for getting the 28 gauge o/u shot gun for me, I really appreciate that you did that for me.

Please thank the staff for all of us.”

John Daniels, January 2015 – Bellingham, Washington, USA


“I want you all to know this was my first trip and I am returning. The service was great and I was treated with respect and professionalism! I will be making reservations soon to come again .

Please thank Christian, Ines and Marcelo especially, as well as Julio and Juan, the guys in the field!

Vaya con Dios.”

“Bob” John Robert Thompson, January 2015 – Littleton, Colorado, USA


“We are now back in Germany and think often about the unforgettable days in Argentina. Thanks a lot for your nice service and for the fantastic accommodation we had.
Greetings to the pleasant employees. A lot of fun with the new guests.

Ute and Willi Sorhage, January 2015 – Hüllhorst, Germany.


“I will throw my ten cents in and say there is nothing that will top a few days Argentina dove shooting with JJ and his team. We are definitely planning a return trip. Around 14,000 birds shot between 7 of us in basically 2.5 days. 6 of the 7 made the 1,000 dove club with 2 joining the 1,500 dove club in one day. Highly recommended.”

Matt Howson, August 2014 – Zambia

I will throw my ten cents in and say there is nothing that will top a few days Argentina dove shooting with JJ and his team. We are definitely planning a return trip. Around 14,000 birds shot between 7 of us in basically 2.5 days. 6 of the 7 made the 1,000 dove club with 2 joining the 1,500 dove club in one day. Highly recommended.”

“JJ, we got back in good shape. It was a fantastic trip. Thanks again for all the hospitality. I have been telling everyone here and at the gun shop about the trip and how well you all treated us. Hope to see you all again for another great Argentina dove hunting experience.”

Mark Goldsberry, September 2014 – Meade, Kansas, USA.


“JJ, we got back in good shape. It was a fantastic trip. Thanks again for all the hospitality. I have been telling everyone here and at the gun shop about the trip and how well you all treated us. Hope to see you all again for another great Argentina dove hunting experience.”

Luke Smith, July 2014 – Dawsun, Georgia, USA.

“Just wanted to tell you that I had I wonderful time hunting with you guys. It was the best trip I have had since I started hunting in Argentina. The food, Ines, Martin, the lodge, and all the hunting was absolutely wonderful. Hope to come back next year.

John House and Ben Andrews, July 2014 – Dorset, UK.

Thank you to everyone who made our trip so enjoyable, we both had a great time and hopefully will be back again sometime for more.

A very professionally run business, thank you”

Thomas G. Parker, November 2014 – Alma, Georgia, USA.

“Hello to everybody at La Camila Hunting Lodge. Could not have had a better time!!!! JJ, you have an outstanding group. Ms Ines is very professional and she was able to answer all our questions. It was so exciting for our crew, we’re still talking about the trip, the lodge, and the staff!! Everybody is making plans to return next year if possible. I just wanted to say thank you JJ and the whole staff for a great time.”

Trevor Wilkinson, September 2014 – Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

“Thank you JJ, and your wonderful staff for the magnificent efforts you all put in to make our stay at the lodge an unforgettable experience. The shooting was brilliant, and the hospitality excellent. Well done!”

Tiggy Clayton, September 2014 – Tauranga, New Zealand.

“Well, we are all now home after another great trip to Argentina and experiencing your amazing hospitality.

The trip was enjoyed by all including our new guys who also shot their 1,000 and of course Steve who shot 4,014 doves in one day while still managing to fit in one of your famous “Lunches in the field”.

So, thanks once again to you and your team from the Kiwi’s,

Cheers, Tiggy.”

Larry Haertling, May 2014 – Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.

“JJ, We have just arrived safely at our homes in the U.S.. I want to thank you and all the staff. The food, lodging and hunt was fantastic. I also want to thank you for your personal attention. Your dog is beautiful and the perdiz hunt was the highlight of my trip. You are a good friend and I hope to make another hunt in the near future. Thanks again.”

Allen Thomas, May 2014 – Dublin, Georgia, USA.

“I have been Argentina dove shooting with JJCaceria since about 2006 and this May 2014 trip is my 13th trip with him.

If it is not broken, do not fix it. I have full confidence that the hospitality will be excellent, the food will be superb, the rooms will be clean and there will always be plenty of doves. I have never considered going with another outfitter.”

Jim DeVos, April 2014 – Newbury Park, California, USA.

“JJ, thank you so much for such a wonderful Argentina dove hunting trip. All of us had a great time. Your service was beyond belief and you can’t really appreciate the number of doves until you see the sunrise over the field. Your staff was tremendous. Pretty much the whole crew are planning on a 2016 return. Again, all I can say is: simply amazing!!”

Naji Abousamra, June 2013 – Beirut, Lebanon.

“To say Thank you is not enough… It was the adventure trip of my life, traveling alone from Beirut to Cordoba through Doha and Sao Paolo, 24 hour flights, and 4 airports; fortunately I forgot all these difficulties, once on the fields. I’m trying to find the adequate words to express my feelings about this Argentina dove hunting, but I am not able to.

My first afternoon was amazing I shot 1467 doves; my assistant was Pablo from Arroyito, a nice, cheerful and so helpful guy and we were under the guidance, support and backup of the wise chief Marcelo.

Finally, I ended up shooting 7276 doves shot with 9575 shells in 2 full days and 2 half days, and a  “more than 2000 doves per day club trophy.” I’ve shot for a lifetime.

I’ve loaded 9575 shells in my gun by myself using my own pity thumb and without gloves, I was glad and self-satisfied having that unbearable pain all over my body, at the end of each shooting day but the following day, once in the roosts, no pain, no thumb, just the doves and me, I don’t know from where I’ve got this long endurance.

Before travelling, I tried to convince myself by expecting normal eating and lodging and about 500 doves per day, but  after being there I believe every word written on www.jjcaceria.com.ar website, everything was a five stars rated service in food and beverages, lodge services ,hunting gear and fields equipment and the friendly and welcoming and professional personnel. It was the right choice.

I already miss everybody, the great crew filled all my needs, especially Marcelo and Ines.

Now I have a new challenge, next year. I’ll be there to beat the company record of over 3700 doves shot in one single day!

I’ve uploaded 2 videos on youtube and I’ve got still one more to go. Hope you like them!

Thank you again!”

Todd Lantrip – July 2013 – Spring, Texas, USA.

“Time sure does fly. This was my 5th trip and everything is still great. I always say that “This is a once in a lifetime trip that I need to again and again”. I don’t recall seeing this many doves before. My shoulder is still a little sore after killing over 4000 birds in last few days. Was great to see so many other hunters each reaching the 1000 and 1500 doves club. I saw a lot of self-confidence gained by these hunters. I remember 1st day when they said it would never happen. You can now see their smiling faces on your website.

As usual, I gained a few pounds from all that great food. Those ladies sure take care of the hunters. Logistics worked perfect even for the very early flights. Ines would not leave until the airline confirmed everything to her about my departure. She was insistent about doing this. Juan Carlos and Roberto were great drivers and guides. Marcelo had everything under control with all the Dove and Pigeon hunt. Those pigeons are a blast. Like shooting ducks over dry land. Franco is doing great job shooting those personal DVD’s to take home. I highly recommend every hunter sign up for that. Pictures are great but video is  awesome.

Thanks for having us again and look forward to a combo hunt with Ducks next year.

Take Care”

Tiggy Clayton, September 2012 – New Zealand.

“A brief note to thank you and your team for the fantastic week we had as your guests. The whole dove hunting experience exceeded all expectations we had, and the welcome we received along with the genuine care you gave us was truly amazing. This is a trip I will never forget and I hope to repeat the Argentina dove hunting in a couple of years.
I wish you every success and look forward to seeing you again.
Love and best wishes,”
“Made it home safe and sound I can’t thank you enough for the best time of my life. The dove hunting was superb, the food was excellent and hospitality was unbeatable. All the staff were impeccable, they couldn’t do enough. JJ, you have a five star operation. Again, I can’t thank you enough.”

Twanny Borg – Malta.

“Dear JJ, I am very pleased to have you as my friend on Facebook. I hope you’re fine. It has already been four years since I came to Argentina dove hunting with your company. I can assure everyone that this was the best hunting experience that I have ever had in my life. I want to thank you, Jj Caceria, and all the staff for all the professionalism shown, your ongoing help and last but not least, your friendship which made me feel like I was at home. My Argentina dove hunting trip couldn’t be better.”

Richard White – February 2013 – Georgia, USA.

“JJ, I want to thank you and all of the staff at JJ Caceria for the wonderful time that we had. The fellows are still talking about the trip. I have showed the dvd to several people since we returned home with great results. Tell Franco thanks for the dvd, it was greatly appreciated. I might be able to get another Argentina dove hunting for you next year.

Jaime Brito, February 2013, Boston, Massachussets, USA.

“After 40 years without shooting a dove in Argentina, our stay at JJ Caceria has been absolutely incredible. We found a beautiful place, friendly staff and owners that made us feel at home. It was amazing to enjoy our favorite sport, with an incredible number of doves I’d never seen before. The shotguns and shells were all first quality and that also made the whole experience even nicer.
I hope you have it clear now that Sam and I will be back next year! Thank you for everything!”.

Jaime Brito
Bruce Stewart, Denair, California, USA.
March 2013

“Dad and myself just returned 3/7/13 from our 6th Argentina dove hunting trip. This trip was our third with the same outfitter (www.jjcaceria.com.ar)by far the best lodge/food/shooting/staff in Argentina. Just a little over one hour to the lodge from the airport.
We had a package that included 2,500 shells, first 1/2 day PM shot 400 birds each, next full day over 1,000 birds each, 2nd full day of Pigeons 200 each (( nice break from all the killing of Dove )), last 1/2 day AM shot 400 plus birds. This year, dad and I got the same last year reward for the 1,000 Doves Club for 2012. We will be going back next year for sure.
Just as a side note there were 6 other hunters at the lodge we hunted with, there were seven out of the eight of us who shot over 1,000. One man shot 1,564 and another shot 2,082. That’s all for now, back to work.”

Ronald McGuire, Missouri Texas
February 2013

“The only problem with going dove hunting in Argentinais all the catch up that has to be done when you get back. But man was it worth it!
The hunting was just spectacular. It was such a rush. I’ve never been on a hunt that was just non-stop shooting . I just want to say thanks so much to our outfitter Jj Caceria and the entire staff. They made us feel like we were home and helped us out with everything we needed.
Lastly, I want say to thanks to the guys that I went with. It was a total blast hanging out with them and the trip ended way too soon. However, this was a trip of a lifetime and I will always carry with me the great Argentina dove hunting but more importantly the great friendship.”

Patrick & Wendy Florence, Twin Falls – ID – USA
November 28th, 2012

“What a wonderful trip again!
The great dove shooting was only exceeded by the wonderful hospitality. My ninth hunting trip with JJ Caceria and Patrick’s 10th! We continue to come because we have such a great time! We are already looking forward to our next visit here. Thank you for helping us make such grand memories!”

George Edes, Boise – Idaho – USA
November 28th, 2012

“This is my second trip and it was even more wonderful than the first time. We were shown such great hospitality and great dove shooting. Wonderful meals and good wine again.
Thank you,


Cecil Johnson.Texas City, Texas, USA.
August 10, 2012.

“This is one of the most wonderful experiences that I have ever had. The Argentina dove hunting is excellent but the staff is beyond that. This is my third trip here and I will make number four next year.” Cecil Johnson

Tom Oertel, Holliston, Massachusetts, USA.

“Thanks so much, JJ! I have great memories of your estancia and the friendly staff and fantastic dove hunting in Argentina! And I can’t ever get your wine glass out of my wife Lynn’s hands – it’s her favorite!
All the best for a wonderful 2013 season!”

Timothy D. Burtrum, April 2013 – Sumter, South Carolina, USA.

“First of all, I want to thank you and all the staff at JJ Caceria for making my Argentina dove hunting, once again, a world-class event. I sincerely appreciate the way you take care of your clients. I had a wonderful time and wish I could come back more often. And, by the way, Pablo was just a wonderful person to “work” with. I enjoyed him so much.
I had an uneventful (which is good) return to Detroit. Everything was on time and no problems.
Again, thank you so much for a wonderful and memorable time.
Best regards,”

Fritz, Friedrich and Lukas Atteneder and Robert David – April 12, 2013 – Austria.

“Four Austrian friends, with guns in their ohands, shot more than one day, Only some doves fly away, hunting here we have seen Argentina dove hunting is like a wonderful dream.”

Mike Adian, February 2013, Oakdale, California, USA.

“We visited La Camila this past February, 2013. We were greeted with great hospitality and treated to some excellent wing shooting. Our group consisted of 3 ranchers and one veterinarian from California and Wyoming. The first day Mark fell victim to the incessant drudging the relentless flights of doves rained upon him. Sure enough, he was there like the rest of us repeatedly emptying his gun and asking for “mas cartuchos!”. Shooting doves and pigeons is always a good time, however getting to shoot for 5 consecutive days and not have the same shoot twice was quite remarkable. The dove flight patterns changed to allow us to experience almost every shot and shot distance unimaginable. From the close range in fighting of the dormideros (roosts) to the wide open high flying return to roost flights, we experienced it all. Although all our dove shoots were incredibly awesome, our consensus on the trip was that the pigeon hunting was our favorite. With pigeon hunting unlike dove shooting you have to lure in the pigeons and make tough accurate shots to drop them. The fewer number of pigeons shot, nothing in comparison with the massive volume of doves, is more than compensated for by the sheer fun of bringing down the larger birds.
Special events experienced on our last day included a gaucho exhibition, an Argentine singer, guitarist, and tango dancers. Truly an exceptional experience was by one and all. This was my third trip to Argentina for wing shooting. Other trips have been also for dove, pigeon, as well as duck. Lodging was superb and we were taken very well care of in the libation and food departments. Authentic Argentine cuisine including beef asados, goat, ribs specially cooked against the fire, sausage, cheeses, salame, all of them were superb. Ample quantities of Quilmes beer and Malbec red wine were also on hand. The shoots with JJ Caceria are some of the best shoots I have experienced. I would not hesitate to book another trip to visit JJ and his staff, and am in the works for another trip as I write.
Feel free to contact me in regards to the trip. I am always eager to discuss wing shooting in Argentina! Mike Adian

Kay & Harlan Hall – Burlington, North Carolina, USA, Judy & Doug Hall – Watkinsville, Georgia, USA. August 10, 2012.

“One never knows when they leave home what to expect on a hunting trip… this experience, Argentina dove hunting, was way, way above anything we ever imagined! Fabulous, terrific, wonderful and memorable are some words that quickly come to mind but do not do an adequate job of describing the amazing time we all had. This was “top of the line” quality and quality hunting, eating, socializing, and “all around” being taken care of by the staff!!! We look forward to our next visit!! Que Dios los bendiga!” The Halls.


Donald Baker. Fall City, Texas, USA.
August 10, 2012.

“I have been here twice this year so that should say it all. It’s a great place, food, service and a great Argentina dove hunting!”

Ed and Karen Archibald . Houston, Texas, USA.
July 16, 2012.

“Thanks for your hospitality! We really enjoyed the food and the fellowship, not to mention the fantastic Argentina dove hunting.”

Everett Johnson Seadrift .Texas, USA.
February 20, 2012.

“Hi JJ What a trip! Dave Brannon and I made it home safe and sound, a little sore from all the shooting, with grins from ear to ear! We enjoyed and appreciated all the great food, the lodge, the lodge staff, the field staff, and everything your team brings together so well for your hunting clients. We were treated like royalty. I thought the dove shooting was nothing short of awesome and achieving 1000 birds all three days was very special. Talking Dave into going for 1000 on his last full day was pretty cool too. Thousands of birds were going every which way at every speed imaginable and we took advantage of the rare opportunity to sharpen our wingshooting skill. The pigeon shoot was a great change of pace, especially for our sore shoulder and arm muscles after two and a half days of solid dove action. We found the pigeons to be more challenging than they look and likened decoyed pigeons to teal shooting here in Texas. Their size conceals their speed after looking at so many doves. Marcello’s Argentinean BBQ lunch in the field at the “Pigeon Farm” put a very delicious cap on the day. I have grown very fond of Argentina and I will definitely be recommending your operation to all my friends. God willing I will see you again in 2013…maybe we’ll add a couple days of ducks and upland hunting this time.

Keep up the great work and good luck down there! “


More Argentina dove hunting testimonies


Massive volume of doves

Hunting Partners

Look at this incredible massive volume of doves and the eagle catching a dove falling down that another hunter just shot!



Looking for an Outstanding Dove hunting experience in Argentina?

Join us, come for the most outstanding hunting experience.

If you are willing to try high volume unlimited dove hunting in Cordoba, appreciate the local atmosphere and the comfort of our dove hunting lodge, taste our great and worlwide-known Argentinian beef and wine, have a sore shoulder and a smoking barrel, and experience yourself the most awesome Argentina dove hunting and shooting experience, give this a go and book with JJ Caceria!

JJ Caceria is a company run by its owners with headquarters in Cordoba, Argentina, but we have our operation in three different provinces to guarantee the success of  the hunting program of your choice. We know the time and money it takes to organize a hunting trip abroad. This is why José Luis, Mónica and Roberto Grasso, the owners of JJ Caceria, together with the unmatched help of Layne Balke in the USA, will make sure you come back home full of wonderful experiences and adventures you’ll never forget. It is our constant goal to be your first choice for our wingshooting opportunities, always striving to make the dream of every dove hunter all over the world come true.
Dove hunting in Argentina (Córdoba)

Argentina dove hunting takes place in the central region.

This massive and intensive dove shooting must be experienced rather than explained. The average dove hunter will have the chance to shoot more doves in a single day than in his whole lifetime back in his place. As it is our tradition, we never stop scouting more and new areas for Argentina dove hunting due to the simple reason that at least 50% of our guests are returning customers that have no doubts to choose JJ Caceria when it comes to wingshooting.
Cordoba is well known for its huge population of doves and other wingshooting species, a non-migratory population that is increasing year after year due to the combination of several factors: prosperous agricultural production providing enough grain for the doves to eat, water ponds and rivers and mild weather that favor their five hatches a year.

Where we hunt:

We guarantee 1,000 to 2,000 rounds a day in all our dove shooting fields that are located 50 miles east from Cordoba Airport, Argentina. The area provides one of the finest Argentina dove hunting areas in the world with tremendous bird populations. The flight of the doves back and forth between the fields is virtually non-stop and provides challenging sporting shooting. The terrain consists of flat grain fields mixed with patches of trees, providing ideal roosting areas next to food-rich fields of wheat, sorghum, milo, corn, soybean, sunflower, peanuts and other crops. There is just one little problem, we’ve got too many doves!

Lodging facilities:

Our guests enjoy very much our beautiful lodge that has been remodeled and especially decorated to create just the right atmosphere for an Argentina dove hunting lodge. Each of the 11 double bedrooms has its own private bathroom, air conditioning, heating and guests can enjoy the quiet fire that burns every evening in the dining room’s fireplace.
Outside, the beautiful gardens invite guests to take a walk around the swimming pool, our beautiful flower plants and trees and the singing of birds.

Other Activities

Cordoba is a province with a lot of history. Guests can visit the city and take a special tour to know the National University, the oldest university in South America. The missions founded by Jesuits in the late 1600s are also very interesting to visit. The old Jesuit “estancias” have recently been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cordoba’s hills and the small towns located near the mountains are other attractions for tourists. The town of Villa General Belgrano, in particular, is a very beautiful destination if you are visiting Cordoba. This town has an exquisite European flavor since it was there where Europeans from Germany, Switzerland and Italy first settled in the area and founded this European village in the heart of Argentina. Our guests may also enjoy other activities such as horseback riding or shopping in town, especially for fine leather and silver products.

Season for dove hunting in Argentina:

We can’t really talk of a season for dove hunting in Argentina, since these birds are non-migratory and the dove shooting is open all year round. Hunters are welcome any time during the year.


January, February and March: Some rains. Temperatures from 70F to 90F.
April and May: Dry. Temperatures from 60F to 80F.
June, July and August. Dry. Temperatures from 30F to 65F.
September and October: Some rains. Temperatures from 65F to 85F.
November and December: Some rains. Temperatures from 70F to 90F.

Necessary Equipment for a dove hunting trip:

Two shotguns (only if you are not renting it is always advisable to bring a spare gun since more than 1,000 shots a day are customary).
Shooting pad
Soft cases to carry the guns to the field
Ear/eye protection
Shooting gloves
Shell pouch
Gun scrubber
Video/Picture camera
Hunting clothes (camo, dark green or tan)
Hunting shoes/boots
Rain gear