Welcome to JJ Caceria, premier dove hunting in Argentina

Why shooting with JJ Caceria

20,000 farming acres in the east of Cordoba, creating the ideal conditions for Argentina dove hunting and the highest non-migratory dove concentration all over the world.

Sunflower season February /March 2018 NO DRIVES

• Over 200 shooting spots strategically located and daily scouted right in the heart of Cordoba’s finest dove shooting area.

• High volume, 1,000 to 2,000 rounds a day guaranteed, unlimited and challenging Argentina dove hunting all year long.

• Plenty of opportunities for either first-time or experienced shooters who want to practice high and low, cross shooting, and different kinds of shooting, a unique dove hunt that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

• Reliable, daily cleaned, fine brand new guns.

• Brand new four-wheel all terrain trucks and vans.

• Bird-boys, drinks and permanent assistance in shooting fields.

• 1,000 Dove Club Trophy.

• Bilingual staff, wonderful hospitality in a familiar environment, certified professional hunting guides who strive to offer the finest Argentina dove hunting you’ll never forget.

• High quality DVD filming and pictures available to preserve your Argentina dove hunting experience forever!

• Excellent accommodations and service combined to create the right atmosphere for our guests to feel at home.

• 11 comfortable double rooms with private bathroom, heating and air-conditioning, open bar, wine cellar and beautiful swimming pool.

• Fantastic Argentinean beef cooked in typical outdoor barbecue lunch in shooting fields.

• First class cuisine and delicious, home-made gourmet meals along with traditional Argentinean dishes prepared by dedicated chefs and served with pride accompanied with a fine wine selection, including the world famous Malbec wine.

• Assistance with your dove hunting travel plans.

• Make your decision for your hunting dream trip and we’ll make it happen! Come and join us in this wonderful ultimate dove hunting and shooting adventure in Argentina !

• Bonus: Pigeon shooting available upon request.

• Our 15 years’ experience, 100% customer satisfaction, Argentina dove hunting top-notch operation, thousands of happy customers from all over the world and safe and enjoyable environment make JJ Caceria your right choice of a dove hunting trip marked on your calendar every year!


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JJ Caceria is a company run by its owners with headquarters in Cordoba, Argentina, but we have our operation in three different provinces to guarantee the success of  the hunting program of your choice.

We know the time and money it takes to organize a hunting trip abroad. This is why José Luis, Mónica and Roberto Grasso, the owners of JJ Caceria, together with the unmatched help of Layne Balke in the USA, will make sure you come back home full of wonderful experiences and adventures you’ll never forget.

It is our constant goal to be your first choice for our wingshooting opportunities, always striving to make the dream of every dove hunter all over the world come true.

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Dove hunting testimonials



JJ, I want to thank you and all the staff. The food, lodging and hunt was fantastic. I also want to thank you for your personal attention. You are a good friend and I hope to make another hunt in the near future. Larry Haertling

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.

I have been Argentina dove shooting with JJCaceria since about 2006 and this May 2014 trip is my 13th trip with him.

I have full confidence that the hospitality will be excellent, the food will be superb, the rooms will be clean and there will always be plenty of doves. I have never considered going with another outfitter

Allen Thomas

Dublin, Georgia, USA.

JJ, thank you so much for such a wonderful Argentina dove hunting trip. All of us had a great time. Your service was beyond belief and you can’t really appreciate the number of doves until you see the sunrise over the field. Your staff was tremendous. The whole crew are planning on a 2016 return. Again, all I can say is: simply amazing!! Jim DeVos

Newbury Park, California, USA.

I just wanted to thank you again for all the help in setting up the shoot. We all had a wonderful time. It could not have been better. Your house and field staff could not have treated us any better, they made all of us feel special, and you Ines is a gem. Thanks, JJ, for getting the 28 gauge o/u shot gun for me, I really appreciate that you did that for me.

Please thank the staff for all of us

John Daniels

Bellingham, Washington, USA

We are now back in Germany and think often about the unforgettable days in Argentina. Thanks a lot for your nice service and for the fantastic accommodation we had.
Greetings to the pleasant employees. A lot of fun with the new guests.

Ute and Willi Sorhage

Hüllhorst, Germany

I want you all to know this was my first trip and I am returning. The service was great and I was treated with respect and professionalism! I will be making reservations soon to come again .

Please thank Christian, Ines and Marcelo especially, as well as Julio and Juan, the guys in the field!

Vaya con Dios.

“Bob” John Robert Thompson

Littleton, Colorado, USA

Where we hunt:

We guarantee 1,000 to 2,000 rounds a day in all our dove shooting fields that are located 50 miles east from Cordoba Airport, Argentina. The area provides one of the finest Argentina dove hunting areas in the world with tremendous bird populations. The flight of the doves back and forth between the fields is virtually non-stop and provides challenging sporting shooting. The terrain consists of flat grain fields mixed with patches of trees, providing ideal roosting areas next to food-rich fields of wheat, sorghum, milo, corn, soybean, sunflower, peanuts and other crops. There is just one little problem, we’ve got too many doves!

Lodging facilities:

Our guests enjoy very much our beautiful lodge that has been remodeled and especially decorated to create just the right atmosphere for an Argentina dove hunting lodge. Each of the 11 double bedrooms has its own private bathroom, air conditioning, heating and guests can enjoy the quiet fire that burns every evening in the dining room’s fireplace.

Outside, the beautiful gardens invite guests to take a walk around the swimming pool, our beautiful flower plants and trees and the singing of birds.

Other Activities

Cordoba is a province with a lot of history. Guests can visit the city and take a special tour to know the National University, the oldest university in South America. The missions founded by Jesuits in the late 1600s are also very interesting to visit. The old Jesuit “estancias” have recently been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cordoba’s hills and the small towns located near the mountains are other attractions for tourists. The town of Villa General Belgrano, in particular, is a very beautiful destination if you are visiting Cordoba. This town has an exquisite European flavor since it was there where Europeans from Germany, Switzerland and Italy first settled in the area and founded this European village in the heart of Argentina. Our guests may also enjoy other activities such as horseback riding or shopping in town, especially for fine leather and silver products.

Season for dove hunting in Argentina:

We can’t really talk of a season for dove hunting in Argentina, since these birds are non-migratory and the dove shooting is open all year round. Hunters are welcome any time during the year.


January, February and March: Some rains. Temperatures from 70F to 90F.

April and May: Dry. Temperatures from 60F to 80F.

June, July and August. Dry. Temperatures from 30F to 65F.

September and October: Some rains. Temperatures from 65F to 85F.

November and December: Some rains. Temperatures from 70F to 90F.

Necessary Equipment for a dove hunting trip:

Two shotguns (only if you are not renting it is always advisable to bring a spare gun since more than 1,000 shots a day are customary).

Shooting pad

Soft cases to carry the guns to the field

Ear/eye protection

Shooting gloves

Shell pouch

Gun scrubber

Video/Picture camera


Hunting clothes (camo, dark green or tan)

Hunting shoes/boots

Rain gear

More information

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Dove hunting testimonies

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