Its wide variety of game animals, its vast areas of uninhabited land, combined with reasonable rates, makes it the perfect choice of hunters from Europe as well as from North America. Valleys, hills and mountains render the ideal habitat for Red Stags, Water Buffalos, Blackbucks, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Four-Horned Rams, Wild Sheep, Fereal Goat and Wild Boars to roam freely and grow to amazing trophy size, in fair chase hunting opportunities.

JJCaceria offers 10,000 acres of privately owned land for red stag hunting during the rut season, with a stable population of 700 females, which results into an extraordinary fair chase hunting area during the roar. Every season, we hunt around 20 bulls of 4 to 7 years old during the rut, that goes from March 15th to April 5th.

We guarantee 100% chances of free range shooting in a beautiful hunting area.


Red stag

The season goes from March 10th to August 31st, but the most exciting moment to hunt a Red Stag is during the rutting season which is from March 10th to April 6th.

The prey is located by the sound of its roar (much like on all bugles) and carefully stalked until seen. Shots seldom exceed 100 meters. This type of hunting requires the use of the five senses plus a sixth one: the sense of the hunter.

Axis and Fallow Deer

You will stalk your prey in open or semi open country and the shots are usually medium to long range and it is not necessary to hunt during the rutting season.

European Wild Boar

Hunters must sit a stand near watering places and always under the light of a full moon.


May be hunted from vehicles or on foot. Shots range from 150 meters to much farther. The hunter may also choose to hunt from a stand where the shots are much closer.


Water buffalo are the biggest animals hunted in Argentina. They are found in their natural habitat, in or near the swamps. The whole year is very good. We hunt buffalo on a horseback riding or on foot. Shots are short distance.

Four Horned Ram, Goat and Wild Sheep

In the last years we have had an overpopulation of these animals and you will be able to hunt them all year long.

Available game speciesSeasonsTrophy fee
European Wild Boar (South region)All yearUS$ 750.
Axis Deer(Central region) All yearUS$ 1900.
Fallow Deer (Central region)March 10th to August 31st US$ 1700.
Blackbuck (Central region)All yearUS$ 1400.
Water buffaloAll yearUS$ 3150.
Four Horned RamAll yearUS$ 1050.
Wild Sheep All yearUS$ 950.
Fereal Goat All yearUS$ 950.
Jose Luis Grasso

Jose Luis Grasso


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