Copy of my Journal of the trip.

Expectations: Bill Pope, Arkansas- BPope12345@aol.com

Based upon stories I had been told, the doves were expected to be plentiful. I expected large flocks, passing in mass every so often. Expectations of flurries of shooting with periods of waiting were expected. I also felt my recently purchased Bennilli 20 gauge Cordoba to be the exact weapon that would all but take recoil and all discomfort out of the equation. Shooting a case of shells a day was thought to be more than enough.
I had two sets of tickets. One set was from XNA to Santiago, Chile and return. The second was from Santiago, Chile to Cordoba, Argentina, Cordoba to Buenos Aries to Iquazu and return to Santiago Chile. Based upon the tickets the initial airlines only wanted to have my luggage go to Santiago. With luck I noticed this and with great difficulty had my luggage ticketed to Cordoba. Without that you would have to enter Chile to get your bags to sent them to Cordoba. Entering a country with a gun is always a problem. Just that event cost my son and extra 2 hours and $160.00. I lucked out catching that error.
The flight left XNA at 2 PM. Arrived in Dallas with flight to Santiago, Chile leaving at 9 PM. The all night flight was somewhat sleepless and the seats got hard after a few hours of sleep. Glad that I bought a cheap Louis L’amour cowboy book. We arrived in Santiago at about 8 AM in the morning. Changed airplanes to Cordoba for the 1.5 hour trip over the Andes. The mountains were spectacular to view, but surprisingly steep and narrow compared to the Rockies. Cordoba looked like it was the flat lands of Indiana—flat and cultivated fields.

Upon arrival in Cordoba a baggage claim porter was awaiting us. He collected our baggage took us past the customs lines to the police office. They were awaiting us to clear our guns with the paperwork we had forwarded to J.J. Ceceria. It was the smoothest customs and immigration that I had ever gone through. They inspected our guns compared serial numbers and applied their numerous stamps. The gun permits were all pre-paid by J. J.

The ride to the Camp was about an hour in length due East. The road was good national two-lane road through farmlands. Since it was Spring the only green crops were winter wheat, but the crop stubble was corn, Milo, soybeans, alfalfa. The numerous little towns were very agricultural orientated. The farm supply stores and grain elevators were the main buildings in the towns.

Arrival in Camp.
Upon arrival at camp we were greeted by a tree line drive to the estanstia. The buildings were thatched reed roofs and pink adobe walls. The rooms were separate from the dinning room and kitchen. Very adequate rooms with comfortable beds, sink, bathroom and shower. Nice décor and very clean. After cleaning up we had a hordourves, steak dinner, great dry red wine. We were “chomping at the bit” to go hunting.

First Day
We awake and want to get going, but have breakfast and coffee. We load up in the truck at about 8:00 AM and drive about 30 minutes to dirt and gravel roads. NOW WE MUST BE GETTING CLOSE. We pull into a farm lane then to a farmhouse—doves flying everywhere. We meet our bird boys—older gentleman. Get in the truck and head down a fencerow. Along the fencerow are small blinds—wooden steaks to break-up your outline. The bird boy gets a case of shells and a stool and off we go. There are doves everywhere in groups of every number 3-10. They are moving from the wheat field to the roost 200 yards behind us and from the roost to the wheat. They seemed to be everywhere. Load up five shells and start shooting and shooting. It was a feverish pitch. Trying to let no dove get by—this way that way. After a few boxes of shells I sit down and appraise the situation. I have worked myself into a sweat. I realize I must change my thinking. Letting one dove get by will not be the last dove. Have a beer and a smoke and relax. Pick your bird and enjoy your shoot and the shots that are presented. Take in the hunt and environment—and give Scott some shit. Scott is hunting fifty yard away. Bang, bang ah shit is heard often. It takes awhile to get the lead; then doubles, triples are common. Most shots are 30 to 40 yards with the occasional surprise salute that brings one down at long range. I switch from sustained lead to pass through and back and forth. Each work well, pass through better on the on comers. Then I forget to even think about it. We each kill 400 or so in the morning and get tired—time for lunch.

We load up into the truck and drive about ten minutes to a pole building in a scrub brush thicket on the edge of a wheat field. One side of the building is a brick hearth with wood coals cooking dove shichkabobs, beef, pork and sausage. A table is set with tablecloth, utensils, bottled water, and red wine and cloth napkins. The other three walls are open with a canvas tarp blocking the wind on one side. What a spread of food. We eat too much and feel stuffed. The guide, Marsello, says to take a rest in the hammocks that are stretched in the trees behind the building. There are two yellow cloth hammocks set for our use—it is not long and I am asleep. After about an hour I awake and feel great. My only thought is, “I wonder what the peasants are doing”.

We pile into the truck for the afternoon hunt. Back to the farmhouse we go but we head closer to the dove roost. The estimate of the total number of doves in the roost is 22 million and four nesting a year. The wind is not blowing as much and the doves are a little higher. I decide to change choke in my shoot gun to modified from improved modified. We start to shoot and I find a groove. Once I go thru a case of shells I have 400 more doves and lack a little for a total of 1,000 for the day. “Open up another case lets get 1,000”. I take a break, have a beer and go down to visit Scott and take some pictures. Scott’s thumb has blisters from loading his gun, but he is still shooting. He also lacks but a few hundred for his 1,000 birds. Following the break, we shoot until we reach 1,000 and then finish the box of shells. We are both tired of lifting the guns. The pain in the shoulders is nothing to the pain in the arms and shear exhaustion of the arms. I have shot enough for today. It is time for a hot shower, a good stiff drink and relaxation.

Dinner was a great steak cooked outdoors over coals. No need for an appetite it is great. We have survived the first day, killed 1,000 doves each. Our guide brings out a metal that commemorates the 1,000 doves. He remarks that less than ten percent of the hunters reach that goal. He probably tells each group that, but it feels good anyway.

Second Day
The first day I shot 1,520 rounds and my shoulder showed signs of blood vessels broken on the surface of the skin with some oozing of blood, but not much bruising. However, I decide to use a shooting pad for the second day since my t-shirt was sticking to my body. It is a little cooler and I will keep on my fleece jacket for more protection. I also take two Acetaminophen just in case.

On the first day not knowing what to expect I concentrated on getting one bird. Today I want to concentrate on getting multiples from groups. Also, I felt it would be neat to try for two with one shot, particularly waiting for two to fly together. Hell, I already have a 1,000 in one day.

We have a new guide, Roberto, who is the brother of J.J. the owner who is in S, Africa. A little more nervous than Marcello, but OK. He takes us to close to where we were hunting the day before. Both Scott and I are more relaxed than the day before and we start banging away. The shooting is great. Small groups 3-10 are flying from and to the roast. I stand in front of the blind and behind—screw the blind I stand on the side. I take shoots both ways. My goal of getting doubles is fun and achieved. Twice I get five from a group and total 407 for the morning. We break for lunch. Same as yesterday, lunch was great. The nap is great on the hammock.

In the afternoon we go to a new place near a water hole created in a wheat field near the roost. Scott is placed near the water hole along a fence on the edge of the roost. I move down the fence fifty yards or so. There are plenty of doves but most are swinging over the water near Scott. I shoot a case of shells with 355 more doves. Most are shoot at long range. I impressed myself, but my shoulder and arms are tired. No 1,000 for me today.

I go over to give Scott some shit, and discover he is in a shooting frenzy. Large groups are swinging over the water hole then over him thru a gap in the trees. He cannot keep his gun loaded. I grab a beer and sit and watch. His case of shells is gone; “hell, let’s start another one”. He lacks 200 or so for another 1,000. In a non-stop fashion he bangs away. The doves that come over the trees he shoots with regularity falling on the road and trees. We remark that this spot is the “Dove Cemetery”. His normal shot is less than 30 yards. We are all counting, morta, morta, morta. Finally, he has done it—no no wait he lacks 23 more. “Load-up Scott, the pressure is on again”. After much grief he achieves his 1,000 doves for the second day. Another beer is in order.

Back at camp, we have a drink in the courtyard and relax after a shower and change of cloths. Another great dinner, but who cares we are tired. Scott gets a deck plaque for his second 1,000 doves. It was another great day.

Third Day
We have a new guide for this day, Daniel. Daniel is a large fellow, a quiet and an unassuming sort. We are old hands at this now. We know what to expect; some of the edge and excitement is gone, however. We have a quick breakfast and off we go. Memory of the morning stop has faded, but all the spots except the “dove cemetery” seemed the same, shots of about 30 to 40 yards with doves flying to or from the roost. The sport of wing shooting had become more of a reaction rather than being technical. I am no longer thinking “sustained lead” or “swing through”, all is just “happening”.  I am also more relaxed about letting a few get by and picking good shots. It is also fun to take some needed breaks and go give Scott some grief. More beer has been consumed this morning and much more relaxed, and I do not need to shoot more than a case of shells. Even with a light recoil 20 Cordoba and shooting pad my arms are tired and shoulder is sore and oozing blood. I shoot 77 percent and feel good. Time for lunch.

The lunch is the same. Very tasty and the nap afterwards is good too. The afternoon hunt is in a location near a grove of scrub trees a short distance from the roost. Doves are swinging over the trees then on to the roost. I locate outside the grove in a blind of sorts. The shoots are good. Scot locates in an opening in the grove. His shoots are quick in presenting themselves. He stands on the road and bangs away. We shoot and shoot. Then a lone pigeon flies by my blind. What the hell. Bang, it falls near the fence. I pick it up and it has two bands, one on each leg. Bird boy and guide are excited about the dead pigeon, and the bird gets a quick burial—oops. Scot and I finish our case of shell—that’s enough. “Cervasa pou fa vour”.

Part of the ritual is to have your picture taken with a pile of doves and shotgun shells piled in front of the mess. The bird boys pickup the doves and shells and make the pile. Scott’s camera is dead; I left my camera in the back seat of my truck and Daniel has only his cell phone camera. Well, we will see how this works. That’s the last we see of the shot.

The last night at the lodge is spent with J.J.’s wife. She is the money collector and  Mate drinker. Her personality does not need Mate, and with Mate she is “wired”. Our thoughts are on the rest of the journey and backing. The worst dinner we had of the trip is had that night. It was Spaghetti with meat sauce. I can get pasta anytime. I will take the steak anytime. The red wines were great.

Looking back on my expectations, the doves were not in waves but in groups of 3 to 10 and constantly flying by to the roost. The shoots were presented with plenty of time to prepare for the shot. The trick was to pick the second bird and third bird, and to lock on to a specific bird. Most of the shots were at least 30 yards. Shooting two cases of shells a day was a lot. Even with adequate padding and light recoil gun, nothing could have prepared my arms for the constant uplifting. Once I learned to take a break and “smell the roses”, have a beer or water and watch Scott shoot, the sum of the hunt was realized. The day was a lifetime of sporting clay shooting. There was not away to develop an adequate expectation.

Bill Pope, Arkansas- BPope12345@aol.com




They never stopped coming. The birds appeared in droves out of an early morning sky that despite the gossamer like fog bore the essence of a bluebird sky day. That remarkable sight was my first encounter with one of the fastest flying game birds on this planet – the Eared dove of Argentina. Having been a dedicated wing shooter for over four decades, this was to be my long awaited exposure to what is truly said to be the best and potentially last big bag shooting experience in the world. I was not disappointed.  Despite growing up on the Canadian prairies with some of the finest waterfowl and upland hunting to be had in North America at my very doorstep, stories of remarkable South American hot barrel hunts kept finding a home in my future plans.  Unfortunately over time plans often tend to get pushed about to meet other pressing goals.  That all changed when I discovered a five-day, all-inclusive hunt located within the finest dove area in Argentina that included 2000 free shells.  I could hardly believe the quoted cost but with a bit of research it was all enthusiastically confirmed as hunters reported burning up over a 1000 shells a day with birds in numbers the likes of which one could only dreams of.  Needless to say, I soon had a May hunt booked with J.J. Caceria from Cordoba for both dove and pigeon.

Cordoba, which is located in the central region of northern Argentina, is home to an estimated 23 million doves.   The Eared doves around Cordoba are not known to migrate and are hunted by pass shooting as these enormous flocks move between roosting woods and the vast cultivated farm lands in the area where they feed. The Eared dove, which is a close but smaller relative of the North American Mourning dove, can breed four times a year and because of their sheer numbers and impact on crops are not as yet regulated by seasons or bag limits. Despite this lack of regulatory protection and the plight of the passenger pigeon in North America, the Eared dove numbers around Cordoba are, as I discovered, more than holding their own. But that was not the only factor about these phenomenal birds I was about to uncover.

Consequently and despite of the residual jet lag that had accumulated from three days of flights, I was not about to pass on my first day of wing shooting. The sky was still as black as the inside of a cave when we left the confines of J.J. Caceria’s first rate hunting lodge.  After a relatively short drive of less than an hour, Pato, my bird boy, and I were well ensconced within a field that revealed little of its character in the predawn darkness.  However, as the first rays of dawn began to creep over the eastern sky, it readily became apparent that we were set up in an open field forty-yards shy of a tree line that ran for a half mile and directly intersected the anticipated flight line between an established dove roosting area and a freshly cut maize field. I didn’t have to wait long as, despite the fog, they first began to appear out of the incipient light as single birds passing high over head resembling small winged rockets that had been launched from somewhere in the darkness.  To say that they made a difficult target would be an understatement indeed.  They not only appeared to be smaller than I expected but about twice as fast and high as I had expected.  Thankfully for this trip Beretta had been kind enough to provide one of their new Xtrema 2 shotguns with its recoil reducing Kick Off system.  It fit me like a glove, so I was more that grateful when I was able to pick off at least some of the early morning flyers. Unfortunately, as the sun gathered strength and the fog began to dissipate the birds seemed to not only elevate their flight line but began a flight pattern the likes of which I have only rarely encountered. It became erratic with birds twisting and diving as soon as they came into view over the tree line and at speeds that pushed my shooting skills to the limit.  At times they simply left me in awe. They were proving to be everything and more than I had envisioned, not only due to their sheer numbers but also due to the level of shooting skills required to bring a bird to bag. The smallest flaw in one’s target acquisition or follow through and your shot found little but thin air.  By lunch I had already pushed 375 shells through the Beretta, with a mere 153 birds accounted for, which worked out to a 40 percent hit rate.  My jet lag and recent lack of practice was certainly showing. Thankfully, after a great open air barbeque field lunch and a welcome siesta we changed locations in order to hunt a new flight line between a watering and roosting area.  While I only pulled the trigger 275 times that afternoon my success rate did climb a little to a 53 percent hit rate for a tally of 145 birds. I was sure relearning some elementary shot gunning basics including not only picking out and staying on a single bird despite their incredible numbers, but to never, but never, stop your follow through.  Needless to say, I was well off the lodge’s group hunt record of a 61.8 percent harvest rate and the lodge’s average of 1000 rounds and 300 to 400 birds per hunter per day. While I needed to pick up my socks, I was somewhat relieved to learn that the lodge’s overall average hit rate, in reality, stood in the low 40 percentile.  So at least I was holding my own percentage wise despite it being my first day of some of the fastest wing shooting I have ever experienced.

While day two saw a reduction in my overall shot total, down to 455 shells, I did up my hit rate to 57 percent and 260 birds. While I was seeing as many birds as I had the previous day, in other words countless numbers, I suspect I began to not only shoot a bit better but I also began to hold off on birds, which I may have previously thought were within range, when they were not.  Day three and the morning of day four were basically repeats of the previous two days except that we moved locations a number of times to intersect new flight lines heading to corn fields and other maize fields. I was more than grateful that my shot total and hit percentage of 56 percent hung right in there for a tally of 468 birds based on 835 pulls of the trigger. By the end of the forth morning I was already beginning to look forward to my impending pigeon hunt, but without a doubt the lodge saved the best portion of my dove hunt for the last afternoon.  At about two in the afternoon I found myself staked out near an old windmill and a small waterhole.  The numbers of birds I saw on that flawless bluebird sky afternoon was simply remarkable. Solely based on the numbers I was seeing I was determined to up my hit rate to beyond that of the lodge record, so I held off on any questionable birds and truly bore down on every shot that I made.  It paid off as for 315 shells I put a total of 200 birds on the ground for a hit rate of slightly over 63 percent.  What a way to end a picture perfect dove hunt.

Argentina is a vast and diverse land, the second largest, in fact, in South America. It extends from a sub- Antarctic climate in southwestern Patagonia to the rich plains and temperate climate of the pampas in the north. It is bordered by the majestic Andes in the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. It even boasts one of the most unique and beautiful waterfalls in the world, Iguazu Falls. Iguazu Falls is actually a series of 275 spectacular individual falls all within a rain forest like setting. The largest of which, Devils Throat, with a drop of 250 feet leaves one’s visual senses agape.    Despite having seen both Victoria and Niagara Falls, Iguazu in its totality, from my perspective, leaves both wanting.

As part of experiencing this rich land and all that it has to offer, we left behind the flat expanses of the dove fields and moved on to the rolling countryside of Alta Gracia for two days of hunting wild pigeon.  A three-hour drive and we finally arrived at the outskirts of Alta Gracia where we hooked up with our local guide and bird boy. What followed was a most pleasant surprise as after bounding along on I don’t know how many back roads we arrived at an incredibly picturesque river valley.  The Anisacate River might as well have stepped right off the pages of an African travel magazine.  Trees, grasses and flowering plants abounded. It clearly brought me back to some of my African safaris, what a place to hunt pigeon.

A short walk and I soon had a spot on the edge of a gravel bar picked out as it not only offered a natural hide among some willow like shrubs but afforded a 360 degree view of the river and surrounding valley.  Once again the wait was short as birds that were both traversing the river valley and following the river began showing up as singles or in small flocks of two or three.   Time for another lesson in shooting, as despite their size, I soon discovered these birds were anything but a pushover.  They often appeared over the treeline seemingly out of nowhere, twisting and diving at speeds that I was sure was jet-fueled and most often at the outer edge of reasonable shooting range.  While the numbers of birds were not quite what I expected, those that I did get a crack at certainly pushed my shooting skills to the limit.  The guides even put out a few decoys in an effort to bring the birds in a bit tighter and, in some case, it shortened the range by those 15 or 20 critical yards. What a blast! The day just seemed to fly by, no pun intended. Despite the degree of difficulty in bringing these birds to bag, I still maintained a 50 percent kill rate with 80 birds.

But unquestionably the lodge saved the very best to the last, as day two of my pigeon hunt found me on a hilltop that transected the flight line of countless birds traveling back and forth between a roosting area and a huge cattle-feeding station.  The shooting from my natural grass-hide was simply remarkable as the majority of birds showed up as either singles or occasionally doubles. But their numbers just didn’t slow for the entire day. The pace was outstanding as I just kept feeding more shells into the Beretta. By this stage of the hunt the fingers on my right hand were numb from the constant effort of reloading and I had worn holes clean through on both the thumb and index fingers of my shooting gloves. By mid afternoon when I hit a tally of 250 birds for 350 shots, I shut it down. It was truly one of, if not the finest days of wing shooting I have ever experienced and justifiably I just wanted to leave it that way.  Is Argentina a wing shooter’s paradise, in my mind without a doubt.


Hunt Specifics:
Host: Jose Grasso, owner J.J. Caceria, Cordoba, Argentina
Web site: www.jjcaceria.com.ar
United States Representative: Layne & Georgina Balke, 817  797-9020
Shotgun: Beretta Xtrema 2, 12 gauge
Choke: Modified
Shot size: # 71/2 for pigeon # 9 for dove
Total shells fired: 2800
Total number of birds: 1224 dove 330 pigeon
Hunt temperatures: 45 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit
Best hunt dates: March to December

Mark Hoffman. Canada. mhoffman@kootenay.com



Ronald Conte.

Hello JJ, My family and I are finally back in California and I wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful time we had. Not only was the dove hunting fantastic and by far, the best bird hunting I have ever done in my life (and I have done a bit…), but my family thoroughly enjoyed their stay as well, even without hunting. Your attentive staff (and children…) took such good care of our kids that my wife really got to relax and rest the whole time. Your estancia had everything we could need and the food was great and overly plentiful. We look forward to seeing you again soon and since Andrea (my wife) is from Cordoba, you will certainly be a part of every trip to Argentina in our future.

Thanks again, Ronald Conte December 26th 2010

530-477-1500 X 205, F-530-477-1581


Mike Traw.

Both myself and my son killed over a 1000 doves one day. My son had never shot doves before this trip, so to say the dove hunting trip was fantastic would be an understatement. I think the best part of the trip was being invited to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Jose and his entire family that came to the camp for their family dinner and celebration. We were treated just like family and had a great time. The entire staff at the camp was great. The food was delicious and I can’t say enough about how friendly everyone was. I only planned on making one trip to Argentina to try out the dove hunting but, there is no doubt that we will back again. I have already passed out the information you had sent me about the trip to two other people here in Arkansas that were considering the trip. I believe that one of my friends was giving your information to a gentleman in Northeast Oklahoma. I gave them your contact information. I would appreciate you passing along my comments and thanks to Jose and his family and staff. Most importantly, I look forward to contacting you in the future to book our return trip.

Best Regards, Mike Traw

December 29th 2010

Michael Fox.


Just a few words to say “Many thanks” to you and your team for making our visit to La Camila and the Argentina dove hunting fields so enjoyable. Everyone worked hard to make our dove hunting trip to Cordoba a memorable one and the doves cooperated by flying high and fast. Even the fog in the mornings did not interfere with our sporting enjoyment – it just gave us a less strenuous experience so that we had enough energy to meet the doves in the sunny afternoons.

The changes in staff were a little surprising as we had come to expect to see all the usual faces. However, those in new positions proved every bit as capable as the predecessors. Carina’s move to the kitchen was interesting and she is certainly making a noble effort to accommodate the tricky variety of requirements of the foreign visitors, especially from UK!

We especially appreciated the shells with No. 5 shot for the high birds and the different hitting power from the No. 7 shot was noticeable on the more difficult targets.

I hope we can make it to another Dove hunting in Argentina trip next year.

With best regards to everyone,
Michael Fox ,
London, UK

Blake Willis.

I have hunted with Jose Luis and JJ Caceria twice over the past two years. Dove hunting in Argentina is tremendous and bird action is nonstop. The short drive to the field in the morning is always exciting and the turn by the chocolate factory get’s the excitement flowing in preparation for the morning hunt. Following the morning comes the best part of the day. A traditional Argentine BBQ where the chef continues to pile fresh beef, pork, chicken, and sausage onto your plate as soon as it comes off the fire. The ensuing nap is much needed!, My friends and I have made our dove hunting trip to JJ an every other year event and this year we are doing the duck/Argentina dove hunting combo, but the reason for continuing to hunt with JJ is the hospitality and family atmosphere. You truly are welcomed into their family and you will be ready to come back as soon as you leave.

Blake Willis
District Manager
Oil Field Chemicals
1-800-366-2526 ext. 1334

Bruce Steward Sacramento, California.

I Hi All, I have just returned from Dove hunting in Argentina with my Dad and Steve from WY. Steve is a good friend of ours that we hunt with up in the great state of WY for Deer/Elk/Antelope. First of all my Dad out shot me again and this was our 4th trip down there and our 3rd outfitter. We have found the right Lodge,Outfitter, Wine, Food, Guns, we are going back next year. Check out www.jjcaceria.com.ar . JJ and his staff are all first class. We landed at 10 AM Friday 2/19/2010 in Cordoba and with in 1 1/2 hours we had lunch at the lodge and were shooting that afternoon. Then the next 2 full days shooting with in one hour from the lodge AM & PM with lunch in the field. Monday shot AM, lunch at the lodge and then off to the airport. Back home in Sacramento at 11 AM Tuesday. We all shot 3000 shells at about 73% to 81 % kill. Rented the guns and we have a 20 minute DVD of our shooting/lodge/lunch.

Dove hunting in Argentina testimonies from… Todd Lantrip.

Trip was great. Everything worked regarding pick-up and drop off at airport. Great dove shooting. I shot 1626 doves on Thursday. I will be back in touch with you as I may have a group of guys interested in coming.

Todd Lantrip HoustonTexas october 2009

Clyde English.

Hello JJ, I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful dove hunting in Argentina experience that we enjoyed this week at your facility. It could not have been any better. The dove shooting was better than anyone can believe, with plenty of doves killed. Your staff provided us with any needs that we requested. Everyone was great. I look forward to maybe returning again in the future. Again, thanks for a wonderful trip.

Clyde English Dublin GA october 2009.

Richard F. Lockey, M.D. Florida. USA.

Great hospitality, accommodations, and food. Could not be better!! Argentina dove Hunting, nothing like it. If you want to learn how to shoot, or teach your son or daughter, this place is for you.

Hugh Walker. USA.

Thank you for your Email and a very good new year to you too.

I would just like to say what a fantastic dove hunting experience I have had with JJ Caceria in Cordoba, Argentina.
I have had the most spectacular high dove shooting, with great hospitality and very good organization. Most importantly I was made to feel most welcome. I would highly recommend JJ Caceria to anyone looking for an excellent dove hunting trip.

 Joe Sagster. USA.

My experience is that this is the Holy Grail of dove hunting as it was absolutely brilliant.
The whole package was faultless and hassle free. The planning, co-ordination and organisation of the trip by JJ Caceria was first class as every fine detail of the trip was taken care of in a professional manner. This enabled me and our team to totally relax and enjoy what we came to do – “SHOOT DOVES”.

This whole experience is too good for words and it can only be fully appreciated by trying it out for yourself.
Pack you bags and have fun – Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Tom Cowan, From Northumberland – England. Now Planning for a dove hunting Trip in Argentina after only 7 days at home.

Jay Clemmer. USA.

Almost daily I find myself trying to describe to someone my visit with your company, but mere words cannot describe what I experienced. Everyone made me feel at home. It was the best dove hunting trip I ever took, I ate the best food I ever had, and I enjoyed the fellowship of nicest people in the world. Thank you so much.

Steve Segret. USA.

What a great Argentina dove hunting trip! The doves never quit flying and the hospitality and the food were superb. I have heard many stories about dove hunting in Argentina but words don’t adequately describe it; you really have to experience it for yourself. You and your staff were the ultimate hosts. It was truly a trip of a life time. I plan on returning to hunt with you in the near future.

Jenn Page from Evans, Georgia.

Thank you so much for your email and for providing me with the information of your beautiful La Camila lodge. I am reading through it in great detail now and will let you know if I have any questions. I have to tell you that I am marrying my best friend of 13 years in December of this year in our hometown (Augusta, Georgia, USA) and we are planning to take our honeymoon during the May/June 2013 timeframe. We both have very busy schedules at work back in the states and we will not be able to take an entire week of to travel/honeymoon until May or June 2013. I know that would be good weather to hunt over in the Cordoba region. My fiance Dean is a very experienced and life long hunter and he has dreamt of going to Cordoba, Argentina to hunt doves for as long as I have known him. I decided to make his dream come true and spend our honeymoon there, and he has expressed to me several times that your ranch is the best. Some of his friends in the states have gone to your ranch and they have told me it was the best for dove hunting and hospitality. I personally, am not a hunter but I look forward to sightseeing, drinking fine wine and eating good food, and relaxing at the lodge. I would love to send Dean off to hunt and and make his dream come true and then spend romantic evenings with him after he returns. I have done extensive research on your place and I also viewed the video you sent me today (thank you very much) and I am fascinated with the whole experience and everytime I see the glow in Dean’s eyes when he talks about someday visiting your place, my heart just warms inside because I cannot wait to take him there. I was planning on surprising him, but I am going to tell him at the wedding that we are going for his wedding gift. I am saving up a deposit now to send you. I am also searching for plane tickets to see if it is best to come in May or June. I cannot express how grateful I am that you and your staff have gotten back to me so quickly, I am impressed. I really want to make my future husband’s dream come true and with your help and hospitality, I know it will happen.
I look forward to hearing from you, thank you.


Jeffery D. Price,Texas.USA.

Trip of a life time! Growing up in Texas I thought I had seen Dove hunting at its best. I quickly learned Argentina Dove Hunting is the BEST in the world. JJCaceria provided one of the greatest experiences of my hunting career. The lodge and sleeping accommodations were first class and the food was 5 stars. The best part of the dove hunting trip was the people, everyone at JJCaceria makes you feel like part of the family. Great dove hunting, great food and great people!

Wynn Jones, Port St. Lucie, FL. USA.

The greatest testament we can give to Jose Luis, Roberto, Marcel and the JJ Caceria family is our annual pilgrimage to Argentina and JJ Caceria to hunt doves. The lodging is comfortable, the food is great, the staff is terrific, and the fellowship in the evenings back at the estancia enjoyable. We are now planning our Argentina dove hunting third trip with JJ Caceria. Our first dove hunting trip in Argentina was marvelous; our second dove hunting trip was marvelous, and we know our third dove hunting trip will be marvelous. My son starts planning the return trip on the flight back to the states. That to me says it all. We enjoy JJ Caceria and recommend it highly.

Colin Mann. USA.

Just a short note to say a big thank you for what can only be described as a “hunting trip of a lifetime!” Four of us came to your lodge in April for 4 days dove hunting every one of us was so impressed that the only topic of conversation on the way back to England was when we would return next year. The lodge accommodation, food and drink were out of this world and this coupled with great, friendly staff made our stay a memorable one indeed.
I have no hesitation in recommending your dove Hunting holiday in Argentina to anyone, in fact there is a long list here to return next year, and the dove hunting video had a great impact on people!!!
Once again very big thanks and look forward to seeing you and the rest of your staff again soon.

Gilbert Johnston. USA.

Words cannot describe the great time we had hunting with you guys. I have almost worn out my dove hunting video showing it to my hunting buddies back in Texas. I love to see the envy in their eyes. The staff was wonderful and Juan Carlos was the best hunting assistant I could have imagined. The twelve dove limit we have here will be anti-climatic after Argentina dove hunting. I will definitely be planning another Argentina dove hunting trip in the future.
Thanks to all of you and your fine staff.

Dick Shepherd. Denton, Texas.

This is Dick Shepherd, and I will tell you I had a wonderful time, the hosts were well prepared and most helpful, the food and accommodations outstanding and the dove hunting unbelievable. We will definitely be back.
Thanks to all!

Jim Painter. Azle, Texas USA .

We had a wonderful Argentina dove hunting time with JJ Caceria in July 2008. The four of us did a combination Duck, Perdiz, Pigeon and dove hunt that required much logistic coordination. JJ did an outstanding job of paying attention to detail and provided us with an outstanding hunting experience. The doves were plentiful and the three lodges were superb. The food was top quality, only surpassed by the exceptional service and surroundings. These hunts were non stop action. I would recommend JJ and his team for your dove hunting needs in Argentina. I will be using him for all my future dove hunts in Argentina

Gaylen Miller. USA.

Dear JJ, Thank you for an extra-ordinary week of dove hunting! The doves were more numerous than I ever imagined. The pigeon hunt was a very unique experience. Your accommodations, staff, mode of travel, food/drinks receive a 5-star rating. I am looking forward to a return trip. Many thanks again.

Another dove hunting testimony

I have had the pleasure of hunting doves in Argentina with Jose Louis Grasso during several visits to Córdoba. We have hunted doves, ducks, and perdiz together. I can say with authority that he delivers on his promise to show you a good time and put you in the birds. The Argentina dove hunting experience has been unbelievable, and I look forward to visiting Argentina again soon. If you are looking for high dove shooting volume and quality food and accommodations, JJ Caceria is for you.

My dove hunting trip from Per Juhlin. Malmö

By a testimony I presume you mean a few lines about dove hunting with you? I sure will!!

We were 4 guys from southern Sweden, passionate dove hunters and not totally lost behind a shotgun, who all had heard about the unbelievable dove hunting in Argentina and also the possibility to become a member of the 1000 Dove Club. With very high expectations we arrived to a tremendously nice “hacienda” La Camila, in the evening, were very well taken care of, installed in beautiful rooms, met a couple of Americans who go there regularly every year, who told us about the fantastic dove hunting that we still not quite couldn’t believe. We rented good quality guns (Beretta or eq.) and next morning we left for the first outing. This was beyond whatever I’ve ever imagined and I’m pretty spoiled with bird hunting. We were put behind small screens in the middle of a field, with a bird boy to count the hits and a case with 500 shells but with half a mile to the closest tree – could here ever come a dove? I looked up in the sky and for as far as I could see there were doves coming. 15 min later I had shot my first 10 doves in a row. When we took a break 3 hours later to go and have lunch, I think the 4 of us had shot around 2 000 doves together – totally unbelievable – it was the ultimate bird hunting! A four of us managed to reach that magic number that first day – 1 000 birds shot in one day – with good help from JJ’s staff, placing us in the right field, in the right spot at the right time! We all had a great time, laughing at each other both missing easy kills and picking down high flying birds. We all had a hit rate around 70-73 % at all the outings. Coming back? – for sure!

Adrian Fauvie

I would like to take a moment and convey to you, what a wonderful dove hunt and experience we had in Argentina. Your staff was superb, meeting and exceeding all of our expectations. The cuisine was excellent and the red wine was some of the best I have ever tasted. The accommodations and hospitality offered to us was some of the best I have ever received any where in the world. I look forward to a future dove hunt in Argentina with you again.


Mark Blankenship. Anderson

I have had the great fortune of hunting with JJ Caceria on two different occasions. The birds were so abundant that following and picking a specific bird became confusing to say the least. During my first trip I was fortunate enough to take 1000 birds two days in a row. Taking 1000 birds on any day would have been possible giving that I had set that as a
goal. On one specific day; a buddy and I picked shots all morning that would drop a bird at other person feet. Point is, the substantial abundance of birds, to be able to pick specific shots and still tally up 4
or 5 hundred birds in a single morning.

The guys in the field with each hunter, (bird boys) actually men, made everything easy. We always arrived to the multiple fields to find our blind, shooting area, equipment and beverages all in place. I believe the
guys would have carried us on their back to our stands. They were very attentive to our needs, humorous and very courteous. On occasion I would get so tired of shooting that I would let Robert (bird boy) shoot several
birds while I rested.

There are only a few words to describe the accommodations and food. They both exceeded our every expectation in regards to quality, cleanliness and taste. We did not want for anything on both trips.

One piece of advise……. Lifting a 7 1/2 lbs shot gun doesn’t sound like much? Multiple it by 1500 times and you’ll wear your arms out. Most people think the recoil gets you first, that was not our experience. Spend
the month before working with some weights and strength your arms. This made my second trip much less fatiguing..

 Jon Roberts. Texas

TIf you want a good hunting trip, you won’t have to worry about anything if you book with JJ! We had such a great time, and the quality of the hunt along with the accommodations, food, and hospitality were so good that we are returning just one year later! If you want a successful hunt and you want to enjoy yourself, JJ will provide it! You will not be disappointed.

Dove hunting in Argentina testimonies from… Mark Wade. Western Region

This was a trip of a lifetime for my Dad and me. First of all, the number of doves and quality of the wing shooting was absolutely incredible. It has to be experienced to really appreciate. Second only to the doves, was the JJ Caceria staff and facilities. Your staff was welcoming, kind, courteous, professional and dedicated to making our stay memorable. I can’t find one aspect of our trip to Argentina and service from JJ Caceria that we would have changed. Working with you to set up the trip, your flexibility with our schedule changes, helping us with our in country transportation, great food and drink, spotless clean rooms, flawless Urika 2’s, hard working bird boys (say hi to Carlos and Patos for us) made this Argentina dove hunting trip perfect !

California, Hofman Michael

Even when I has just return to Argentina, I miss the early morning runs to the field, the clouds of doves coming at us, seeing the ducks coming by the thousands. Seeing the dogs work the partridges and the friendship we made with the people of Argentina. I will be back to enjoy the hospitality, food and great dove hunting service JJ offers in Argentina.

Lamarie M. Kent M.D., California USA

It was in 2003 that I made two Argentina dove hunting trips with J.J. Caceria.
The hospitality was warm and genuine, the staff was friendly and considerate, the organization was professional and punctual, the accommodations were excellent, the food was delicious and the service was superb. Most of all, the shooting was terrific! So, I am planning to come back to Argentina and have a similar dove hunting experience whenever I can.

Argentina dove hunt adeventure from… Walace, Gregory Atlanta, Georgia. USA

I would like to thank you guy’s for a wonderful Argentina dove hunting trip – you had million of doves flying – and the hospitality was excellent, not to mention the food, and the hunting service – you guy’s take pride in your work and taking care of clients. I couldn’t have asked for more – we are working on dates to come back to Argentina this year – i told my 13 yr old son he could come this year for a new dove hunting trip if he could save up shell money – thanks for great time.
Argentina dove hunting testimonies from… Desechad, Ed,- USA

What I can say is that the best thing about J.J.Caceria is not only that everything that they advertise is accurate, but that Jose Luis and his staff go out of their way to make sure that you are treated as their guest and any accommodation you request is granted with a smile. I am planning to come back to Argentina, rest assure that if you are planning to come to hunt with them, you will have an incredible experience!
Argentina dove experience in Argentina from Stutz, Michael- Washington, USA

Let’s start by saying I’ll be happy to write a glowing review, however Andrew is probably the best, as that was the Argentina dove hunting trip of his life. I think he was looking to book with you, but apparently hasn’t had any success in working a deal with you yet. In exchange for my review, could you please work him a good deal? You can look for my review in about a week. If you don’t get it, please remind me . . . because you did provide excellent service, and should indeed have some glowing reviews on your website. I want my friend to enjoy a great Argentina dove hunting experience, and take as many pictures as he can so he can show off back home.
Crocket Howard, Jonathan and Justin, TEXAS- USA

In 2004, my two sons and I went on a combo puma and dove hunt with Jose the first week in Jan. It was truly a hunting trip of a lifetime for us and memories of a great time. We all got pumas and 3 days of tremendous dove hunting. Jose runs a first class hunt with good accommodations, food, translators, hunting areas and guides. The quality he offers is excellent, and I could not have asked for anything more. I have hunted doves in several countries, including Argentina, and this is where I will return….. May God
bless you and your family.

Dove hunting trip experience from Floyd, Bert Florida -USA –

Hello, my name is Bert Floyd. My friends and I traveled to get my Argentina dove hunting experience experience last October, 2003. I am 40 years old and have spent most of my life hunting, both wing shooting and big game hunting. Our dove hunting with J.J. Caceria was by far the best shoot I have ever been on. Everything he advertises is given to you. He makes sure you are treated.

I shot 210 boxes of 12 gage shells in 3 dove hunting days. You can shoot as much as your shoulder can stand. Our accommodations were fantastic. The food was terrific; the only problem was that there is so much good food that you might over indulge. I know I did. Jose his brother Roberto and staff are friendly and very efficient at taking care of all your needs.

All 3 of my companions had been to Argentina dove hunting before and all agreed that that this was the best dove hunt that they had ever been on. We will all be back again this coming fall. I am also going to hunt Red Stag, Puma, and Black Buck in March. I can’t wait! If you want a great hunt with great people you can’t beat Argentina with J.J. Caceria.

A dove hunting trip from Kemp, Stuart, Houston, Texas.

I did not have many expectative at the very beginning, but this has been the best hunting trip I have ever had. The people in the staff were very nice, gorgeous facilities, tasty food, everything has been excellent. Thanks J.J. Caceria for a great time! You did provide an excellent service. The group that hunted with us was great! It was an excellent Argentina dove hunting experience. Look forward to coming back!”

Dove hunting experience from Davis, Ron, Texas- USA

“It was a lifetime dove hunting trip! All the staff at J.J. Caceria has been great they treated us as friends. They spoiled us to the maximum and we sincerely enjoyed it. Hope to make many more trips and contemplate again the amazing amount of doves that fly over your head. Not to mention the great food! All effort was made to make us feel comfortable”

Argentina dove shooting from Thomas, Allen-Dublin, Georgia- USA

It has been a long romance; this is the third Argentina dove hunting trip with J.J. Caceria in the past year. The Argentina dove hunting trip is the best I have experienced in my life. Good shooting- I have never seen so many birds together-, good food –my compliments to the chef-, good accommodations-very comfortable beds, and the right temperature-, a sincere desire to please- I was spoiled- and a beautiful country, make this as an A+ trip”

Dove hunting in Argentina from… Haskin, Erik- Dublin, Georgia- USA

More than I expected! This is my first Argentina dove hunting trip, but most definitely not the last. The amount of birds is incredible; you can not stop thinking all doves in Argentina come here. One Word to sum up my time at J.J. Caceria: Unbelievable!
Thanks for the kindness- JJ´s staff are very nice, they make you feel at home-, and service is everything they promise in the web page and more. ”

Argentina dove hunting  from… Graul, M. Texas, USA

I could not wait to visit Argentina as I have often heard of the amazing volume of dove here. None of the
stories I heard could even come close to doing justice what my friend and I experienced! J.J. Caceria set us up with a wonderful three dove hunting days in Argentina and exceeded all of our expectations. I look forward to using them again
for my next South American adventure! Unfortunately not many of my friends knew about this place, but I am making sure they know all about it.

testimony from… Wynja, D. H. Longmont, CO, USA

As I have expected, the whole adventure was first class. The staff was very accommodating and delivered on a great dove hunt.
The number of doves was beyond my expectations and my 28 gauge was a great choice. I’ll be back for more, this time I will bring more friends so they can experience the most amazing dove hunting they can imaging.

hunting testimony from… FUTCH, Lee, LO- USA

It always turns up the same; hunting with JJ Caceria has been the highlight of my year. I go to Argentina strictly for the shooting, and Jose’ Louis Grasso provides all of the action I can handle. Last year I shot 1250 shells (and I could have shot more) on my first day of Argentina dove hunting and I did it with over/under shotguns. Try to do that in Mexico!! If you want an affordable hunt with good accommodations and unequalled shooting, JJ Caceria is for you. His team is first rate, and they aim to make the client a repeat customer. I know because I’m one of them. I would like all my friends to know about my dove hunting experience in Argentina so they can come and judge for themselves

Dove hunting testimony from… Spolar Dick and Carter – California- USA

It is hard to put in words my feelings, but let me try this way: We have both been hunting since we were six or seven years old and hunting all types of game together for more years than we want to document. Our memories are filled with wonderful hunts, snapshots of great shots, never to be forgotten moments, and warm feelings for many, many of the people we have shared these experiences with along the way and over the years. Outstanding among our memories is our dove hunt with you. We had hunted dove in Argentina before and thought that we had had outstanding AAA hunts, but the shooting you provided us was far superior in both the quantity of birds and the quality of the shooting than anything we had experienced before.

It was obvious from the time we first contacted you about the hunt by e-mail; and when you picked us up at the Cordoba Airport and up until you returned us to the airport, that your one and only goal was to provide us with the best you had. The food and accommodations were better than we had any right to expect. The barbeque lunches in the field were experiences and taste we will never forget. The interpreters you provided us spoke better English then we do; the shopping trip you took us on before returning us to the airport was another extra above and beyond anything we had a right to expect; we appreciated it and will never forget it.