Join us, come for the most outstanding hunting experience.

If you are willing to try high volume unlimited dove hunting in Cordoba, appreciate the local atmosphere and the comfort of our dove hunting lodge, taste our great and worlwide-known Argentinian beef and wine, have a sore shoulder and a smoking barrel, and experience yourself the most awesome Argentina dove hunting and shooting experience, give this a go and book with JJ Caceria!

JJ Caceria is a company run by its owners with headquarters in Cordoba, Argentina, but we have our operation in three different provinces to guarantee the success of  the hunting program of your choice. We know the time and money it takes to organize a hunting trip abroad. This is why José Luis, Mónica and Roberto Grasso, the owners of JJ Caceria, together with the unmatched help of Layne Balke in the USA, will make sure you come back home full of wonderful experiences and adventures you’ll never forget. It is our constant goal to be your first choice for our wingshooting opportunities, always striving to make the dream of every dove hunter all over the world come true.
Dove hunting in Argentina (Córdoba)

Argentina dove hunting takes place in the central region.

This massive and intensive dove shooting must be experienced rather than explained. The average dove hunter will have the chance to shoot more doves in a single day than in his whole lifetime back in his place. As it is our tradition, we never stop scouting more and new areas for Argentina dove hunting due to the simple reason that at least 50% of our guests are returning customers that have no doubts to choose JJ Caceria when it comes to wingshooting.
Cordoba is well known for its huge population of doves and other wingshooting species, a non-migratory population that is increasing year after year due to the combination of several factors: prosperous agricultural production providing enough grain for the doves to eat, water ponds and rivers and mild weather that favor their five hatches a year.

Where we hunt:

We guarantee 1,000 to 2,000 rounds a day in all our dove shooting fields that are located 50 miles east from Cordoba Airport, Argentina. The area provides one of the finest Argentina dove hunting areas in the world with tremendous bird populations. The flight of the doves back and forth between the fields is virtually non-stop and provides challenging sporting shooting. The terrain consists of flat grain fields mixed with patches of trees, providing ideal roosting areas next to food-rich fields of wheat, sorghum, milo, corn, soybean, sunflower, peanuts and other crops. There is just one little problem, we’ve got too many doves!

Lodging facilities:

Our guests enjoy very much our beautiful lodge that has been remodeled and especially decorated to create just the right atmosphere for an Argentina dove hunting lodge. Each of the 11 double bedrooms has its own private bathroom, air conditioning, heating and guests can enjoy the quiet fire that burns every evening in the dining room’s fireplace.
Outside, the beautiful gardens invite guests to take a walk around the swimming pool, our beautiful flower plants and trees and the singing of birds.

Other Activities

Cordoba is a province with a lot of history. Guests can visit the city and take a special tour to know the National University, the oldest university in South America. The missions founded by Jesuits in the late 1600s are also very interesting to visit. The old Jesuit “estancias” have recently been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Cordoba’s hills and the small towns located near the mountains are other attractions for tourists. The town of Villa General Belgrano, in particular, is a very beautiful destination if you are visiting Cordoba. This town has an exquisite European flavor since it was there where Europeans from Germany, Switzerland and Italy first settled in the area and founded this European village in the heart of Argentina. Our guests may also enjoy other activities such as horseback riding or shopping in town, especially for fine leather and silver products.

Season for dove hunting in Argentina:

We can’t really talk of a season for dove hunting in Argentina, since these birds are non-migratory and the dove shooting is open all year round. Hunters are welcome any time during the year.


January, February and March: Some rains. Temperatures from 70F to 90F.
April and May: Dry. Temperatures from 60F to 80F.
June, July and August. Dry. Temperatures from 30F to 65F.
September and October: Some rains. Temperatures from 65F to 85F.
November and December: Some rains. Temperatures from 70F to 90F.

Necessary Equipment for a dove hunting trip:

Two shotguns (only if you are not renting it is always advisable to bring a spare gun since more than 1,000 shots a day are customary).
Shooting pad
Soft cases to carry the guns to the field
Ear/eye protection
Shooting gloves
Shell pouch
Gun scrubber
Video/Picture camera
Hunting clothes (camo, dark green or tan)
Hunting shoes/boots
Rain gear